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1 HALF PIPE SONIC999 REMIXED OFF OF YOURS on Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:00 pm


-1s 1i -ak a -tc a,-26 1i -ak 0,-2g 1i -ak -a -so -a -so -k,-2q 1i -ak -k -se -k -se -5k,-2q 1i -ak -k,-34 1i -ak -u,-3e 1i -ak -18 -rq -18 -rq -5k,-3o 1i -ak -1i,-42 1i -ak -1s -r6 -1s -r6 -5k,-4c 1i -ak -26,-4m 1i -ak -2g -hq -2g -ie -2g -ne -2q -q8 -2q -q8 -5k,-ie -2g -li -2g -ne -5k,-li -2g -ne -2g -ne -7g,-50 1i -ak -2q,-5a 1i -ak -34 -g8 -2g,-5k 1i -ak -3e -fu -2g,-5u 1i -ak -3o -fk -2g,-68 1i -ak -42 -fa -2g,-6i 1i -ak -4c,-6s 1i -ak -4m -em -2g,-76 1i -ak -50 -ec -2g,-ak -5a -7g 1i,-ak -5k -7q 1i,-ak -5u -84 1i,-ak -68 -8e 1i,-ak -6i -8o 1i,-92 1i -ak -6s,-ak -76 -9c 1i,-9m 1i -ak -7g,-ak -7q -a0 1i,-aa 1i -ak -84 -b8 -2g,34 1i ak -u,3e 1i ak -18,3o 1i ak -1i o2 -1i,42 1i ak -1s,4c 1i ak -26 ne -26 qi -26,4m 1i ak -2g j2 -2g n4 -3o,j2 -2g n4 -2g n4 -7q ua -7q,n4 -7q o2 -8o o2 -7q,o2 -8o p0 -9m pk -aa pu -ak pu -7q,pu -ak q8 -au so -au so -e2 ua -e2 ua -2g ua 18 tm 18,50 1i ak -2q g8 -2g,5a 1i ak -34 fu -2g,5k 1i ak -3e fk -2g,5u 1i ak -3o fa -2g,68 1i ak -42 f0 -2g,6i 1i ak -4c em -2g,6s 1i ak -4m,76 1i ak -50 e2 -2g,7g 1i ak -5a do -2g,7q 1i ak -5k de -2g,84 1i ak -5u d4 -2g,8e 1i ak -68 cq -2g,ak -6i 8o 1i,92 1i ak -6s c6 -2g,9c 1i ak -76 bs -2g,ak -7g 9m 1i,a0 1i ak -7q b8 -2g,-u 1i -ak 1i -cq 1i,-ak 1i -ak -8o,-1i 1i -ak k,-18 1i -ak u -u0 u,-u 1i -ak 18,-u 1i ak 1i au 18,ak 1i ak -8e,2q 1i ak -k p0 -k,ak -a 2g 1i,26 1i ak 0 pk 0,ak a 1s 1i,1i 1i ak k,ak u 18 1i,u 1i ak 18,aa 1i ak -84 au -2g,-ak -8e -ak -8o,-ak -8e -au -2g,-ak -7q -bi -2g,-bs -2g -ak -7g,-c6 -2g -ak -76,-cg -2g -ak -6s,-ak -6i -cq -2g,-d4 -2g -ak -68,-ak -5u -de -2g,-ak -5k -do -2g,-ak -5a -e2 -2g,-f0 -2g -ak -4c,-gi -2g -ak -2q,-ak -5u -ak -2g,ak -7g bi -2g,ak -6i cg -2g,ec -2g ak -4m,i4 -2g n4 -2q pu -2q q8 -2q q8 -5u,ie -2g n4 -34,io -2g n4 -3e pa -3e pk -3e pk -5u,jc -2g n4 -42,jm -2g n4 -4c,k0 -2g n4 -4m,ka -2g n4 -50,kk -2g n4 -5a,ku -2g n4 -5k ne -5k,l8 -2g n4 -5u ua -5u,li -2g n4 -68,ls -2g n4 -6i,m6 -2g n4 -6s,mg -2g n4 -76,mq -2g n4 -7g,-t2 -au -t2 -e2 -uk -e2 -uk -2g -uk 18 -uk 1i -cq 1i,-ua -76 -ua -68 -ua -5u -tm -5u,-ua -76 -tm -76,-tc -5u -t2 -76 -so -5u -se -76 -s4 -5u,-rq -5u -rg -76 -r6 -5u,-rl -6h -ra -6h,-qs -5u -qs -76 -qi -5u -qi -76,-uk -5k -ne -5k,-uk -7g -ne -7g,-io -2g -ne -34,-jc -2g -ne -3e -pk -3e -pk -5k,-jm -2g -ne -3o,-k0 -2g -ne -42 -p0 -42 -p0 -5k,-ka -2g -ne -4c,-kk -2g -ne -4m,-ku -2g -ne -50,-l8 -2g -ne -5a,-ls -2g -ne -5u,-m6 -2g -ne -68,ne -7g ne -68 o2 -68,no -7g o2 -7g,oc -68 om -7g p0 -68 pa -7g pk -68,pu -68 q8 -7g qi -68,qs -68 qs -7g r6 -68 r6 -7g,-mg -2g -ne -6i,-ne -6s -mq -2g,-n4 -2g -ne -76,-q8 -76 -q8 -6s -q8 -6i -pu -6i,-pu -76 -pu -5u,-pk -76 -pa -76 -pa -6i -pa -5u -pk -5u,-pa -6i -pk -6i,-p0 -76 -om -76 -om -6i -p0 -6i -p0 -5u -om -5u,-o2 -76 -o2 -5u -no -5u,-o2 -5u -oc -5u,-o2 -76 -oc -6s,rg -7g rg -76 rg -6s rq -6s,rq -7g rq -68,s4 -7g se -7g se -6s se -68 s4 -68,se -6s s4 -6s,so -7g t2 -7g t2 -6s so -6s so -68 t2 -68,tm -7g tm -68 u0 -68,tm -68 tc -68,tm -7g tc -76,q3 -6q qd -6q,no -1s ak -1s,oc -18 ak -18,ne -7g no -7g,-p0 -92 -ne -7g,-p0 -92 -qs -au -t2 -au -t2 -7g,ne -7q ne -84,no -84 no -7q no -8e,oc -92 oc -7q,om -9c om -7q,om -u ak -u,p0 -7q p0 -9m,pa -a0 pa -7q,pk -7q pk -aa,q8 -7q q8 -au,qi -au qi -7q,qs -7q qs -au,r6 -au r6 -7q,rg -7q rg -au,rq -au rq -7q,s4 -7q s4 -au,se -au se -7q,so -7q so -au,t2 -e2 t2 -7q,tc -7q tc -e2,tm -e2 tm -7q,u0 -e2 u0 -7q,pa -a ak -a,pu a aa a,q8 k ak k,ak u qi u tm u,qs 18 ak 18,u0 18 qs 18,tc k q8 k,pk a t2 a tc a tc -5u,so 0 pa 0,pa -a se -a so -a so -5u,s4 -k p0 -k,om -u rq -u s4 -u s4 -5u,rg -18 o2 -18,no -1i r6 -1i rg -1i,qs -1s ne -1s,q8 -2g n4 -2g,pk -34 n4 -34,p0 -3o n4 -3o,om -42 n4 -42,oc -4c n4 -4c,o2 -4m n4 -4m,no -50 n4 -50,ne -5a n4 -5a,ne -5a no -5a no -5u,no -50 o2 -50,om -42 p0 -42 p0 -5u,p0 -3o pa -3o,pk -34 pu -34,o2 -4m oc -4m oc -5u,oc -4c om -4c,q8 -2g qi -2g,qs -26 qi -26,qs -1s r6 -1s,rg -18 rq -18 rq -5u,s4 -k se -k,so 0 t2 0,tc k tm k tm -5u,u0 u tm u,u0 -5u u0 u,t2 -5u t2 0,se -5u se -k,rg -5u rg -1i,r6 -5u r6 -1s,qs -26 qs -5u,qi -5u qi -2g,pu -5u pu -34,pa -5u pa -3o,om -5u om -4c,o2 -5u o2 -50,ne -5u ne -5k,-ua -e2 -ua -7g,-u0 -e2 -u0 -7g,-tm -7g -tm -e2,-tc -e2 -tc -7g,-so -7g -so -au,-se -au -se -7q -se -7g,-s4 -7g -s4 -au,-rq -au -rq -7g,-rg -7g -rg -au,-r6 -au -r6 -7g,-qs -7g -qs -au,-qi -ak -qi -7g,-q8 -7g -q8 -aa,-pu -a0 -pu -7g,-pk -7g -pk -9m,-pa -9c -pa -7g,-p0 -7g -p0 -92,-om -8o -om -7g,-oc -7g -oc -8e,-o2 -84 -o2 -7g,-no -7g -no -7q,-no -5k -no -5a -ne -5a,-o2 -5k -o2 -50 -ne -50,-oc -5k -oc -4m -ne -4m,-om -5k -om -4c -ne -4c,-pa -5k -pa -3o -ne -3o,-pu -5k -pu -34 -ne -34,-qi -5k -qi -2g -ne -2g,-qs -5k -qs -26 -ak -26,-rg -5k -rg -1i -ak -1i,-s4 -5k -s4 -u -ak -u,-so -5k -so -k,-tm -5k -tm a -tm k -ak k,-u0 -5k -u0 k -u0 u,-ua u -ua -5k,-tc 0 -tc a,-ua u -ua 18 -ak 18,-tc -5k -tc 0,-t2 -5k -t2 0 -ak 0,aq -7s ak -80,al -6t 9a -b6,-an -8l -b7 -b6,-nk -7o -ok -bq##B -3 10 do,B 3r e db,B 6i -j cr,B 8l -2f c5,B 9u -5n bo,G 9b -sa e5,G ae -s8 gs

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