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1 LONGEST JUMP EVER (NOT REALLY) on Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:05 pm


-18 1i 18 1i,af -17 -2f c0,1tb -62 1u5 -5f 1v4 -51 208 -51 21h -5c 230 -58 24b -4o 25n -3q 275 -2n 28k -1l 2a4 -f 2bk n 2d6 1t 2ep 31 2ge 46 2i3 5a 2jo 6e,1cf dh 1dc eb 1eh f9 1fi g3 1gj gv 1hh i2 1ic j9 1j3 kk 1k3 m2 1lj nh 1mp om 1o3 pp 1pc qs 1qm s0 1rv t4 1t7 u9 1uf vf 1vo 10l 211 11r 22a 132 23k 148 24v 15f 269 16m 27k 17t 28u 193 2a9 1aa 2bk 1bg 2d0 1cl 2ec 1dn 2fo 1eo 2h4 1fq 2ig 1gr 2js 1hs 2l7 1it 2mj 1jv 2nv 1l0 2pa 1m1 2ql 1n2 2s1 1o4 2tb 1p2 2uv 1q2 30j 1r2 327 1s1 33q 1t0 35f 1ts 374 1uh 38k 1ur 39t 1uv 3b9 1v2 3cc 1v4 3di 1us,3di 1us 3ep 1u8 3g6 1tk 3hi 1tm 3ii 1uk 3jl 1vp 3kj 20p 3li 21q 3mi 22u 3nj 243 3ol 259 3pp 26f 3qu 27l 3s3 28s 3t9 2a3 3ug 2ba 3vn 2ch 40v 2dp 427 2f1 43f 2g9 44o 2hh 460 2iq 477 2k6 48e 2lj 49o 2n4 4b2 2ok 4cd 2q5 4dn 2rm 4f2 2t7 4gd 2uo 4hn 30a 4j3 31p 4ke 337 4lq 34m 4n6 364 4oi 37i 4pu 390 4ra 3ae 4sm 3bs 4u2 3da 4ve 3eo 50q 3g7 526 3hl 53i 3j3 54u 3kh 56a 3lv 57m 3nd,54o 3s3 562 3r6 57c 3q7 58q 3p3 5a8 3o1 5bo 3mu 5da 3lp 5es 3kj 5gg 3jc,58c 3mj 58o 3nc 59a 3oa 59t 3pk,592 3lo 59p 3mj 5ad 3ng 5b3 3of 5bq 3pe,5aq 3kt 5bk 3lv 5cd 3n1 5d7 3o4 5dv 3p3,5cb 3ja 5cv 3k8 5do 3la 5ei 3me 5fc 3nj 5g4 3oj,5dh 3ic 5e7 3ja 5f1 3kc 5fu 3lg 5gt 3mm 5hq 3nr,577 3ov 57v 3pu 58m 3qt 59b 3rp,55p 3us 55l 3tk 556 3s6 54j 3qp 53q 3pa 52u 3ns 529 3md 51s 3l2 51l 3jm 52n 3jd 53r 3k0 54v 3kl 561 3l7 574 3lb 585 3km 58o 3jn 590 3ij 593 3hg 595 3gj 59b 3fm 5ag 3fj 5bl 3ga 5cl 3h8 5dh 3i4 5e7 3iv,521 3hi 51l 3i7 51g 3j2 51j 3js,51v 3hi 52i 3gr 539 3hk 53a 3iq 53b 3k0 53d 3kr 53r 3ju 547 3j1 54k 3i6 550 3hj 55c 3ii 55k 3jn 55q 3kq 55v 3lo,57r 3l0 56u 3k1 55s 3j0 54q 3ht 53p 3gp 52s 3fo 524 3ep 53e 3fc 54k 3ga 55i 3h6 56h 3i7 57i 3jd 58l 3km,59o 3ho 5a9 3gu 5b9 3hd 5bj 3i9 5ak 3ib 5a2 3hj 59m 3gs,5a7 3ho 5aq 3hm 5ao 3i9,17 1f 28 1a 3h u 4o g 61 3 7h -c 8q -o a6 -14,16 1e f 1d -7 1b -t 1a,4q9 396 4r8 38o 4s6 389 4t9 37p 4ue 37e 4vr 373 50v 36p 4vs 361 4ua 35l 4st 35a,4kb 332 4le 33c 4mp 33l 4o1 340 4pa 34a 4qr 34m 4s4 350 4tb 35b 4uk 35m,5ho 3no 5ih 3ok 5jd 3pk 5kb 3qo 5l9 3ru 5m3 3t2 5n0 3ua 5nu 3vm 5ou 415 5q5 42m 5rk 44a 5so 45f 5tu 46i 5vi 47s 616 498 62q 4ak 64f 4c1 65n 4d3 66u 4e6 687 4f8 69f 4gb 6an 4he,6ap 4hi 6b6 4iq 6bm 4k2 6c6 4la 6cj 4mm 6cr 4o0 6d0 4pe 6d1 4qu 6d0 4sg 6ct 4u3 6d0 4vn 6d8 51b 6dj 52s 6du 545 6eb 55e,6at 4rr 6au 4tb 6au 4uv 6au 50n 6as 52k 6ao 54i 6ak 56f,6e9 557 6et 568 6fm 573 6gl 57t 6hp 58e 6iu 58k 6ka 58c 6ll 57t 6n3 573 6oj 55g 6po 546 6qv 52r 6s6 51g 6te 504 6un 4uo 700 4tb 71a 4ru 72k 4qh 73v 4p3 752 4nm 75o 4m5 76n 4l9,6hi 50a 6hf 51l 6hc 533 6hb 54j 6h9 567 6h5 57o 6gu 59c,6jt 50h 6jr 51s 6jo 53a 6jk 54l 6jh 563 6je 57i 6jb 596 6j9 5ai,6hl 50c 6gp 50e 6ge 4vc,6ge 4vc 6gm 4ud 6fm 4u3 6fo 4sv 6ge 4rq 6gu 4qh 6g5 4pl 6gl 4oe 6ht 4o4 6iv 4oq 6jk 4q3 6km 4qr 6m2 4qd 6nl 4qe 6oe 4rk 6oj 4t9 6o7 4v0 6n9 50e 6m0 511 6kk 512 6jj 50r,6he 4o7 6i1 4no 6j2 4nc 6jv 4ml 6kf 4lj 6ko 4kj 6lg 4li 6lr 4mo 6m6 4nt 6mg 4p0 6mr 4q2##B 4n6 33g 2g,B 4l1 32j 2q,B 4ki 32e 2o,S 1t1 5q,S 1uc 2k,S 1tu 1a,S 1uu -11,S 1ui -2u,S 1uf -33,S 1uf -33,S 1u0 -4,S 1o2 7p,S 1oc 8v,S 1li a4,S 1it a2,S 1gd a4,S 1e7 8a,S 1d3 7k,S 1bd 72,S 1b8 5o,S 1cn 6k,S 1cv 6m,S 1g0 7r,S 1hg 8q,S 1jm a9,S 1lu aq,S 1mg a6,S 1o6 99,S 1p2 8p,S 1t9 4i,S 1te 3u,S 1tl 6,S 1t6 -s,S 1sj -1j,S 1rg -3a,S 1qk 5o,S 1q5 5j,S 1pe 3f,S 1pm 2u,S 1pu 2u,S 1qk 3d,S 1qs 3k,S 1rl 3p,S 1sj 3p,S 1t1 27,S 1ri 1k,S 1qi 1a,S 1ru 1h,S 1s8 7,S 1rk -11,S 1qn -1e,S 1p4 -14,S 1ov -11,S 1p2 l,S 1ov 2p,S 1r8 4i,S 1sb 4e,S 1r1 23,S 1q0 -i,S 1p9 -1o,S 1ob -2t,S 1ne 4e,S 1li 4g,S 1ig 4j,S 1ib 51,S 1jg 6c,S 1kk 6c,S 1mk 65,S 1n4 6r,S 1mf 7f,S 1ld 7s,S 1k4 7k,S 1i9 6u,S 1h3 78,S 1f7 4v,S 1gn 54,S 1i4 6a,S 1jl 5l,S 1lc 59,S 1nd 5g,S 1o7 5q,S 1p5 5g,S 1p5 4t,S 1oh 4i,S 1og 3v,S 1og 2p,S 1ob h,S 1o7 -1v,S 1nv -1m,S 1nl 1r,S 1mu 35,S 1lr 20,S 1m3 -b,S 1mb -17,S 1ma -27,S 1l8 -1v,S 1lf 1f,S 1l8 3k,S 1k2 31,S 1k0 1f,S 1k5 v,S 1k7 6,S 1k7 -1b,S 1lc -1j,S 1iq -17,S 1hk -v,S 1gh -14,S 1gd -1r,S 1h0 -2c,S 1jh -1t,S 1jh -o,S 1it 7,S 1il 1e,S 1i7 36,S 1hn 38,S 1hk 2p,S 1hk 23,S 1hq c,S 1ho -3,S 1jh -25,S 1ff 2c,S 1f2 35,S 1f2 35,S 1er 3b,S 1gs 10,S 1fp j,S 1f5 -q,S 1eq -n,S 1fe 17,S 1ga 2p,S 1gd 3f,S 1dn 3f,S 1ds 36,S 1e7 2h,S 1ec 19,S 1dj -1c,S 1d9 -9,S 1de 1e,S 1ci 3s,S 1ck 2r,S 1cn 2c,S 1cl 1k,S 1cf -q,S 1cf -t,S 1bf -1o,S 1ba -1c,S 1b2 2k,S 1b7 3p,S 1bd 3a,S 1bn 2c,S 1bc 1f,S 1b7 9,S 19j -o,S 1am -1j,S 1bf -1g,S 1a5 19,S 17l 4,S 18d -v,S 17l -20,S 18i -16,S 19e o,S 1a5 3l,S 181 3s,S 184 3q,S 195 33,S 19e 2r,S 188 1u,S 17f l,S 16s -27,S 16c -1m,S 16r c,S 17a 2i,S 16d 3f,S 16a 3g,S 16h 30,S 16h 2i,S 162 1k,S 167 q,S 15m -6,S 15j -d,S 15o -1q,S 15t -2k,S 14t -6,S 144 1h,S 13s 2n,S 147 2p,S 15a 1j,S 14t c,S 13l -25,S 12s -1q,S 12d -1q,S 142 -1t,S 142 -1t,S 141 -22,S 14r -27,S 14q -q,S 14o 6,S 150 1u,S 155 31,S 12g 2r,S 12i 2m,S 12s 23,S 13d 14,S 13d o,S 13e -9,S 13q -n,S 13t -t,S 12n -19,S d3 -1e,S fb -1v,S fo -25,S hc -2e,S im -2h,S gl -12,S hf -11,S jd -12,S ji -11,S kq -14,S lq -14,S np -1c,S on -12,S ps -b,S s0 6,S 12j -4,S 12g m,S 124 7,S 12i -t,S 126 -25,S 11g -24,S 115 -1q,S 116 -1q,S 102 -19,S 10k e,S vh g,S vh -1,S vm -24,S 105 -2c,S 11b -n,S 11v 17,S 118 23,S 10m 1a,S 116 -1,S 111 -9,S v7 -1l,S v4 -1r,S uq -2p,S u9 -3f,S tu -37,S ud -v,S td 4,S u1 9,S ud -4,S us -q,S v9 -q,S tk -22,S ta -2u,S si -3k,S ru -2f,S sh -20,S sk -20,S sn -1v,S t0 -14,S sf 7,S s0 -9,S s0 -g,S s8 -12,S s3 -12,S s2 -14,S rj -14,S qr -1b,S qr -1b,S r0 -1r,S ra -20,S rj -2k,S rh -2m,S r9 -2m,S q2 -2m,S pq -24,S oa -1h,S p6 -1e,S pq -1b,S q2 -1h,S qj -22,S q7 -33,S q2 -33,S nu -3f,S n8 -3f,S pb -2j,S ou -2e,S nk -29,S ia -3h,S ir -37,S ip -32,S h4 -3f,S h0 -3f,S gh e,S ev -3m,S fe -38,S fl -3a,S gm -3r,S jg -3i,S m5 -3f,S le -38,S l1 -33,S kd -2j,S jg -37,S ke -3n,S kn -3n,S mi -30,S nb -2m,S nd -2f,S o8 -24,S nk -20,S nf -1t,S n6 -1l,S mn -1j,S lk -20,S lu -2m,S lp -2m,S l6 -2e,S l1 -2a,S ko -27,S ko -27,S k3 -22,S jq -20,S j6 -1v,S if -27,S i3 -2e,S hj -2k,S hf -32,S i7 -32,S jf -2u,S j0 -2o,S is -2p,S gq -2o,S fi -2f,S e1 -2j,S dh -2f,S dm -2f,S f8 -27,S gr -32,S gm -33,S fn -32,S eg -37,S ds -37,S ct -35,S ch -35,S c9 -33,S bc -2u,S bj -2u,S c7 -2m,S c5 -2k,S bv -2e,S bb -25,S at -27,B 58 -j 28,B 4i -8 20,B 3u 1 20

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