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diseyness falls

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1 diseyness falls on Sat Dec 17, 2011 7:10 am


-18 1i 18 1i,16 1g 2j 2n 5v 2q 60 18,5v 17 -52 1c,-25 1i -3u 5,-18 1a -2u 1c,5u 18 7u 4a ad 3v ai 36 7e 3e 9n 1u 6d 1p ac j 5t 16,ac g 8l 1g b9 1h 8u 2t cb 2i ad 3v,a7 j bg c a3 12 c2 t ap 2b cq 1s,cr 1r ck 3p a9 3u,ci 3r dk 1u,dg 20 c7 1g c1 1f,c9 1a ch 14,c2 1f cj 13 c9 j b6 l cf 3 c2 g cu g ck 1a d5 1a dk 20 e7 1k cq 10,cf 3 bd c,cq v dt k ci 8 cc 1,c8 2 es 4 dh 12 fg 15 dk 2i f5 2n,f6 2p ck 3p,eo 3 fj 7 ee n,ef n g3 p en 25 g4 26 dl 4b ci 3s,dj 47 k3 3b fr 1i i2 r fg f jr 1 hc 1l kv 2m fr 35,fe 2 l7 -8,l8 -8 if 1h,ie 1g lr 27,ls 28 k5 3b,fs 38 e4 44,l6 -8 jh 1a m2 1g,m3 1h n0 20,mv 22 kj 3n t8 37 ve 1l,ve 1k v5 3k,tt 3b un 2m up 3h,tu 35 v0 2c us 3g,tr 33 v5 24 uo 3e,tk 3a v7 25 v1 3g,ua 3b uq 30 un 3e,u7 38 uj 2v,uj 2u uf 3d,tr 2u v6 20,v2 3i 15s 23 146 2b,143 26 v7 3d,vf 3e 142 2b,144 2b 14n 24,143 28 15n 22,15o 24 17i 9v 15j 9i 15j 9d 16s 77,163 97 16o 81 171 9a,168 9b 16s 8q,16r 8s 16p 9h,15v 95 171 7u,16v 7v 16i 99,16r 94 174 94,171 95 16c 9e,161 98 16o 7i,16p 7i 16r 9l,15v 9c 16p 8i 16p 9b,16a 9c 16j 90 176 9q,17e 9i 16s 85,16s 89 16e 9h,162 9d 15p 9d,17g 9s 1fc ar,1fa ar 1fb bs 1fd cq 1g0 dm 1gm em 1hh fu 1ib gn 1ja fu 1kb es 1l6 ds 1lp cr 1mh d7 1na dj 1o5 dp 1p2 dn 1pr dk 1qk dd 1r9 d4 1rs ck 1sr c3 1tu bn 1v2 bn 1va cr 1v0 e1 1uq ff 1v5 gs 1vo ho 20i i2 21k hq 22s h9 246 gl 25c g3 26m fi 281 f7 29e f4 2ar fd 2c7 g1 2di h0 2ev i5 2gi jc 2i6 kn 2js kf 2lb ju 2ml j8 2o1 id 2pf hf 2qt gh 2s2 ft 2t3 g1 2u1 ga,2tu gc 2uf gt 2v0 ho 2vc iv 2vn k8 30a le 31f ld 32k kt 342 k3 35a ja 36j io 37v j3 390 jt 3a3 ks 3b7 m0 3c9 n7 3d0 of 3dj pf 3eu p1 3g2 o5 3h7 n3 3ie ls 3jq kl 3lc jh 3mb ja 3n4 k7 3ni l8 3o0 ma 3od n4,3o8 n0 3pa n6 3q7 mr 3r3 mb 3rq lr 3sh lg 3t6 m1,3t5 m0 3t9 n2 3t5 o6 3t9 pf 3ts qp 3ur rq 400 su 417 td 42m sq 43t s4,43t s4 44t r7 45l q7 46k qh 47b r2 480 ri 48j s0 49s ra 4ae q8 4au pa 4c9 ot 4dm on 4et pf 4g5 qf 4he rj 4iq sr 4k2 tu 4ks t4 4lf s4,4lf s4 4m1 qr 4mb po 4n1 p7 4nj oq 4o4 oe 4p7 nm 4qc ms 4ri m4 4sp lv 4tj lu 4u5 lu#ol 1t nt 33 po 36,pp 35 pp 1s,pk 1s o8 1t,ot 20 of 2s,om 2p p9 2r p9 26,p7 25 os 25,p0 28 os 2j,p5 2h ov 28,ou 28 p3 2d,pf 27 o8 29,pl 25 ob 26,pl 26 oj 30,pl 2u oh 2j,pr 2a on 2b,p5 2a p3 2k,p8 2k pa 2s,pc 2r n2 2s,pm 2c mm 2a,p3 2a mr 2a,pc 2p n7 2i,p5 29 mt 29,on 2d n5 2d,ov 2i np 2g,p6 2i n2 2j,vg 1g r4 37,r4 36 un 1v,rp 2v ur 28,rk 32 tp 2r,4u4 lt 4ud kj 4tr kf 4tk lr,2t 16 2u f 27 c 27 17,24 d 28 -j,29 -j 3i -9,3h -8 30 j,29 -n 37 -1s 3t -1o 3i -a,2a -o 1b -l 11 0,12 0 2k 2,13 -2 v 15,14 0 5 -9,4 -9 -a 11,7 -8 h -1a 36 -1r,k -1c -31 -19 -3s 6 6 -5,-1o -1b -1p 11,7 -1b -1b -a,-2p -14 -2q -2,-30 -8 -21 -t,-2m a -2a q,-1f f -c -3,3b 11 40 -12,40 -12 5k -u,5k -t 5l 1b,4r -15 4d 13,4r -v 4r -1n,4p -1n 41 -1q,4i -1l 5h -1k,5i -1j 5j -u,3v 1 58 8#T 4tr lh

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