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1 MY BEST DETAILED MAP YET on Sun Dec 18, 2011 2:28 pm


-18 1i 18 1i,-11 2n 3h 2r,-g 25 3i 29,-1p 2f 4r 2j,-1a 1r 4a 1r,-25 25 -o 25,-2k 1l -18 1j,-2f 1u -1j 1r,3v 2b 4v 2a,4d 23 bn 23,43 2v bo 2u,6b 2a 8p 2a,5g 2h 84 2l,98 2h b9 2j,8g 2m 92 2m,50 2k 5j 2l,54 27 61 28,9r 28 be 29,9n 2n fv 31,bv 23 d9 23,c3 2h ce 2e,cr 2b dt 2c,e6 2c f0 2c,f1 2c g7 2f,dl 2q fi 2o,e2 24 fi 24,cc 2k dm 2j,fh 23 ku 4s qh 4k qh 3m lf 3f kk 6n qo 6h,qo 6g qh 4l,l8 4s lt 6k,k4 4e lf 3e,l8 4r mk 3n mp 3i n7 4m ol 3k p9 4l,pa 4l qe 3o,n7 4j n5 6i pa 4m ql 6g,qe 4l 12k 4j,ql 6e u7 4j 118 71 12i 6n 12j 5p 1bg 6c,142 1m 1ei 20,1bh 6c 1j5 7b,1eg 1t 1j0 2p,1f7 6q 1g3 67 1ge 6s,1hb 71 1i1 6o,1i2 6o 1id 78,1it 7a 1m5 av,1j4 7b 1j4 7i,1m1 au 1si 9j,1l1 9j 1op ab,1lc a2 1nh aj,1ln ak 1mq ap,1se 9g 1vq bu,1lu ap 1lf c6,1ml at 1m2 c9,1lf c3 1lc co 1m2 c8,1li aa 1it c7,1iq c6 1k0 bs 1lp ak,1qv 9q 1sf 9f,1ta bc 250 hu 29q fm 2ic gu,29p fl 2hu d7,29u fj 2hu f6,2hu d6 2i9 gr 2qd gt 2hs d5,2i0 f4 2q4 gr,2qd gs 363 h6 38e lc,2qa gu 38f le,375 j5 2qd gt,361 h4 3ia h3 38f lc,372 j4 3i4 h4,3i9 h3 3i2 m9 3mb me,3m9 me 3s7 ml,3oh mu 3tb lo 3th ok 3ou nn 3oi mv,3s3 mi 3rs no 3oj mu,3s4 ml 3tf mt,3s2 ml 3t8 lq,3rr nm 3qe o0 3ti nv,3rq nn 3tb n0,3tg nu 3sg ob,3ol mv 3q0 ns,3ti oj 41c oo,3oh mt 3o0 mh,3ot nm 3mo me,3ti ok 42b sh,41c on 3v1 po,3u2 oq 3uu pe 404 p0,404 p0 3u2 op,428 si 4dv sa,4cb tb 4ib t7 4ds sd,4du s9 4j9 se 4ia t6,4cb ta 4du sa,4ca ta 4bc sc,4ca ta 4a9 ta 4aa sf,4i1 t7 4qb td,4q7 td 56u te,4vp tc 52g s9 54b tc,50c p1 51n q5 54a p5,50b p1 54b p1,54b td 56l sf,56u td 55r sp 56m sd 56v td 5cj tn,54u vv 5gr 112,54v vt 5ck tm,54v vv 5b4 ts 55s tm 55i te,5br 11m 5jl 11v 5jd 10r 5gn 112,5bs 11m 5bs 10h 5je 10q,5br 110 5ep 11p 5hc 112 5j0 11r,5dj 10r 5er 11p,5hb 111 5k2 101 5j8 13g 5hs 11u,5jj 121 5rf 13g 5jl 11s 5rj 139 5rf 13g,5jh 11s 5rl 130 5rh 13a,5jl 11o 5lq 10i 5k2 102,5rd 13i 5sb 139 5rk 130 643 13d,5re 13g 5t1 13g 5t4 132,5t2 138 5si 138 5su 13e,61p 144 68e 14b,61o 144 61r 138,62k 140 62l 13c,63e 143 63e 13d,62i 13q 62k 144,641 146 640 13e,68e 14d 69g 13d 642 145,643 13e 651 13t,689 14c 6mr 15u,6mp 15r 6n0 13m 6k2 11h 6gu 12b#3k1 mb 3i6 jt,3j8 m7 3i7 ku,3id m6 3i2 ll,3ib ij 3l5 mb,3lf mb 3i7 i0,3ib h3 3m6 mc,3ia ji 3ka m3,3i7 hj 3lq md,3i2 lb 3it ma,3i2 m0 3i6 m5,3ic ke 3jk mg,3ib j1 3kl m4,4j4 sd 4lf se 4l4 t7 4pm sl 4qb tc 4qb s0 4ji r5 4j9 sa,4ld sg 4n2 rk 4ni sp 4pn s2,4ji r7 4le sf 4id t6,51k q1 51o sd,52g pu 52i sb,522 q3 526 s6,523 q0 526 sa,528 pu 52c s4,51r q3 51u s5,51u q4 527 rs,52g q1 528 s4,51p ps 51r s7,524 ql 521 s7,52c q4 529 rm,5jn 11s 5mo 113 5lo 10g,5ml 114 5nd 12b 5p8 11p 5ri 12v 5rj 11j 5q8 11d 5p9 11m 5lk 10f 5rp 113 5rl 12v,6gt 12c 6g5 158#T 6hg 14b,T 6hf 14u,T 6hg 14m,T 6hf 15a

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